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  Systems Thinking For Decision Making and Problem Solving
Cairo | Egypt
Data Analytics for Decision Making 
Data Visualization using Excel 

Cairo | Egypt
 Data Analysis Using MS EXCEL

Mississauga | Canada
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As a result of the trend towards data-driven decision making, there is no excuse for staff members at any level of an organization not to be equipped with essential data analysis and analytics knowledge and skills.

kwanti are a series of Quantitative Thinking courses that are carefully designed and developed to help individuals and companies leverage the capacity and the capabilities of human resources. The philosophy behind these courses is based on the way human beings think and see the world. Accordingly, the participants will learn various tools as well as alternative ways of thinking. The courses are based on quantitative thinking tools blended with philosophical views to understand the surrounding reality.

The main purpose of all courses is to change the participants' mindset to view reality differently and accordingly make the right decisions with mitigated risks. The first step in the decision-making process is to understand the context surrounding the problem.

kwanti courses are designed based on 20+ years of teaching and training experience at all levels in the field of data analysis and quantitative decision making. Courses to date, have been conducted in various places all over the world; Canada, Egypt, Colombia, Romania, The Netherlands, Peru, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Suriname, Vietnam, Mongolia, Hungary, United Arab Emirates.

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