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Khaled Wahba is the academic dean of Maastricht School of Management in Kuwait and an adjunct Associate Professor at a number of universities, business and technical schools located in various countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, Romania, Peru, Colombia, Suriname, Kuwait, Vietnam and Egypt. With more than 20 years of teaching experience in the academic field, Khaled has dedicated his career as a freelance trainer and instructor with a focus on Data Analysis, Decision Making, Quantitative Research Methods, Digital Transformation, Systems Thinking and System Dynamics. His goal is to share extensive knowledge and experience outside the academic field, targeting corporate and business clients. Individuals trained represent different sectors such as Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Banking, and ICT.

Khaled completed his BSc and MSc at Cairo University, Systems and Biomedical Engineering Department, Egypt in 1985 and 1989 respectively. He received his PhD from Aachen University of Technology in Germany, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Since returning from Germany, he is an Associate Professor in Systems and Biomedical Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt.

In addition to over 100 academic and business publications, Khaled co-authored a book in 2007 with Professors S. Jones and B. van der Heijden titled “How to Write Your MBA Thesis”.  This publication became the standard textbook adopted by the Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands for MBA students across 22 outreach programs. Khaled also co-authored various chapters in books in the field of knowledge management. Furthermore, he supervised over 400 theses and dissertations in biomedical engineering, and management.

Khaled has developed his own portfolio of training courses that he believes are essential for any organization to understand the complexity of business and the decision-making process. His courses such as: kwantiTM, Data Analytics for Impact DAFI(c), Life Design©, Pizzatistics®, Digital Transformation, Research Skills for Business always provide a framework for participants to help change their mindset and the way they think both professionally and personally.

Besides his interest in training, teaching, supervision, and research, for over 6 years Khaled served as the Director and Academic Advisor of a regional education and training institution (RITI), located in Egypt. During his time as Director, RITI was considered the leading provider of postgraduate studies and professional training in the Egyptian market.

Afterwards, Khaled served as the CEO of an IT startup company operating in Egypt and the UAE for 4 years. After which, he shifted his career path to extend his experience and knowledge in academia, to corporate and private sector clients.

On a consultancy basis, Khaled has participated with the Maastricht School of Management to design and develop a management program for the staff of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, in Egypt. Moreover, he is currently involved in building a System Dynamic Model for the adoption of electronic healthcare records in Egypt on behalf of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and for the Ministry of Health and Population.

Khaled is frequently invited to give talks and presentations in his field both inside and outside Egypt. He was also an active member and board member of various international societies, conferences and academic journals. Khaled currently resides in both Egypt and Canada at various times of the year and can be contacted at khaledwahba@khaledwahba.com.

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Khaled Wahba,
Jan 24, 2021, 6:04 PM
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Jan 24, 2021, 6:05 PM