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Creative Thinking and Effective Problem Solving

Creativity is a natural expression for a healthy person. Some people are more aesthetic than others, yet everyone has some creative ability that could be increased with the appropriate training. If you are facing challenging business problems, need to innovate new ideas or implement productive solutions, then this course is designed for you. The purpose of this course is to prove that you are naturally creative. The result will be that you are able to consistently generate creative business responses.


The main perspectives of this course are as follows:

• Creative thinking versus critical thinking
• Problem solving strategies-why bother?
• Getting started
• Problem definition
• Generating solutions
• Deciding the course of action
• Implementing the solution
• Evaluation

 Key Benefits

Upon the completion of the program participants will be able to:
• Define problems.
• Understand problem-solving concepts.
• Gain more confidence when faced with issues and challenges.

 Participants’ Profile

Individuals who need to build and enhance their personal skills, especially individuals who are at the start of their professional careers and need to acquire the ability to confront business problems, find creative solutions and be capable to implement them. The course is targeted at participants from any subject area.