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LifeDesign: Adjust Your Signal-to-Noise Ratio to Achieve Wellbeing and Happiness

Product needs to be designed, machine needs to be designed, game needs to be designed, everything needs to be designed. Why? Why we need design? simple answer is to get the expected and desired outcomes from the things we design. But how about our life! does it need design as well? if everything around us needs design to bring us what we desire, then our life should be on the top of the list, that needs design. Design our life may lead us to achieve our goal. However, is my goal to be rich? to have the house and the car i was dreaming about? to have the career path i was aiming at? to have the partner i was looking for? to travel to exotic destination?. Obviously all of above are just means and not the goals. The goal of human being is and will be to reach a state of wellbeing and happiness. Indeed having a nice car will make me happy, traveling to nice location will be making me as well happy, earning money will make me again happy. Then happiness is the goal and the desired state that human being is looking for. To achieve a desired state then a design is needed. This workshop "Life Design" is about how holistically you should look at your life from a certain perspective to reach the state of wellbeing and happiness. Life Design workshop will open your mind of how to look for the road to the state of wellbeing. During the workshop participants will be able to recognize that reaching state of wellbeing requires sacrificing and giving-up unwanted and unnecessary issues. Participants will learn how important to differentiate between the wanted and unwanted things. The problem is that many of us have difficulties to make such differentiation. In this workshop participants will learn how to determine the unwanted things and what to focus on in the future to reach and keep the state of wellbeing.

This workshop is meant for everyone! everyone who is interested to admit and confess that we all are focusing on the unwanted things more than wanted things, and for everyone who wants to know why life needs a design.